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Yucatan is No. 3 in Mexico for ‘romance tourism’

Hacienda, beach and hotel weddings bring in a billion pesos in 2018

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Hacienda weddings are good for Yucatan’s economy. Photo: Courtesy

Merida, Yucatan — According to travel specialists, Yucatan is Mexico’s third-largest “romance tourism” destination.

A billion pesos was spent in 2018 on weddings at Yucatan’s haciendas, beaches and hotels.

A couple from the United States who decides to marry in Mayan lands spends an average of 392,000 pesos on the wedding, said Roberto González Guillén, director of the Festejar travel platform.

Their guests add an average 2.6 million on transportation, lodging and food while they are here, he said.

Hacienda weddings are the most popular, as are the beaches of Uaymitún, a small fishing village approximately 16 km/10 miles west of Progreso.

“In general there are multiple haciendas that are very attractive for tourism, and that are located in all municipalities,” Gonzalez Guillén added.

He said that “romance tourism” is suited for Yucatan due to its air connectivity, infrastructure and hotel services.

And what also makes Yucatan competitive with the Riviera Maya, Puerto Vallarta and Los Cabos is Yucatan’s reputation for public safety, said Gonzalez Guillén.

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