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Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Yucatan judge dismisses same-sex marriage activists for not proving they are gay

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Advocates of marriage equality make their case before lawmakers in Yucatan. File photo

LGBT+ activists in Yucatan were denied a hearing before a judge who said he required they prove they are members of that community.

Judge Ricardo Alfonso Morcillo Moguel dismissed an amparo lawsuit filed by gay and lesbian activists from the Mexican state.

The appeal was lodged against the Congress of Yucatan for having carried out a secret vote on the discussion of equal marriage. Equal marriage bills were defeated in 2019, despite the state’s separate goal of becoming a gay and lesbian travel destination.

Alex Orué, director of It Gets Better Mexico and one of the complainants, said that it is unfortunate that the judge has not taken their complaint into account because it obscured the much larger issue of an unconstitutional and unlawful vote among lawmakers.

But Orué said the group has filed another amparo lawsuit, this time for the vote that handed marriage equality advocates a defeat in April. It is among four suits making their way though the Yucatan courts to contest the 2019 votes against same-sex marriage.

Carlos Escoffié, a lawyer for the The Collective for the Protection of All Families in Yucatan (PTFY), called the decision “unfortunate and absurd.”

In a press statement, the collective said the judge blocked access to justice under an absurd argument that cannot be proved. The group indicated that the decision also sets a worrying precedent.

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