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Sunday, November 27, 2022

Yucatan leads Mexico in cases as flu season begins

16 cases reported in 1 week; over half of all flu cases across nation

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Just one week into flu season, the president of the Yucatan Health Commission warned of a rough fall and winter treating the virus.

Manuel Diaz Suarez confirmed 16 official incidents of influenza in the sate — representing 53.3% of all cases in Mexico. He said another 180 probable cases of flu have yet to be officially reported to the health authorities.

The legislator said that this year about 85,000 doses of flu vaccines will be distributed, with priority to minors, older adults and medical staff.

Diaz Suarez said he expects the same Yucatan Health Ministry to clarify the the scope of the virus.

He also urged the federal government to continue delivering vaccines to the states of the country, since the health of the population comes first. Mexico has been operating under an austerity program that puts many federal initiatives in doubt.

“Budget cuts should not be for priority areas such as the health sector,” said the deputy.

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