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Yucatán Magazine, going forward

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Lee Steele
Lee Steele
Lee Steele is the founding director of Roof Cat Media and has published Yucatán Magazine and other titles since 2012. Sign up for our weekly newsletters, so our best stories will appear in your inbox every Monday.
Our fifth issue, out in June, introduces a slight change. Can you spot it?

We’ve been building to this moment since we began Yucatán at Home last summer. And here we are. Starting with Issue 5 in June 2022, we are calling our print magazine ( … dramatic pause … ) Yucatán Magazine.

Yes, the name of our print magazine will be the same as our online presence. Now, isn’t that easier? It sure will be for us!

It feels like the time is right. We’ve evolved since last summer when we first went to press. We’ve grown in both readership and the number of staff and contributors. We’ve also grown in scope. Issue 4’s cover story — “Cheers!” — was new ground for us. Readers seemed to appreciate that we expanded our lifestyle topics to include entertaining from home, some recipes, and pairings with wines from Mexico.

Nothing is taken away from the original concept. The magazine will retain its focus on homes and home life in Yucatán, in English, and aimed at a US and Canadian audience. We will continue to introduce readers to the area’s most accomplished creatives. 

We are also telling more personal stories about all kinds of people you should know. People whose life experiences illustrate the potential for happiness and contentment on the Yucatán Peninsula.  

You can expect to read more about food, drinks, health, and wellness, focusing on what’s relevant to people living here, not tourists. And like most everyone else around, we’re itching to explore more of Mexico, so expect a broader perspective as we set our sights on the rest of the Yucatán Peninsula and then on to Chiapas or Mexico City. Our publisher, Roof Cat Media, is branching out into video, live events, and tours as well. More on that another day. 

Our sophomore year is set to be an exciting one.

Regards and Saludos, 

Lee Steele, Director

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