Yucatán poised to be Mexico’s main green-energy producer

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green yucatanInternational companies are in the process of installing 16 wind farms and solar panel-driven “photovoltaic” plants, making Yucatán the largest producer of renewable energy in the country by 2018, said state Secretary of Economic Development Ernesto Herrera Novelo.

The municipality of Ticul will have the second-largest green-energy production plant in Latin America with the installation of two solar farms each producing 500 megawatts daily. French investors will develop the project in an area of 700 hectares and with capital of $500 million dollars.

Herrera Novelo reported that French investors already have secured land for its project, conducted studies that guarantee the profitability of the project and are now in the process of complying with all environmental, public works and INAH regulations.

The company, Energía Renovable de la Península, which is backed by national and Chinese investors, has begun hiring staff and with the services of two Yucatecan shipping companies, will soon bring over towers, blades and motor generators, plus giant cranes that have never before been seen in Yucatán, according to Diario de Yucatán.

This also marks the beginning of a Progreso-China sea route, because it will be the first of what is expected to be regular international voyages between the two ports.

Additionally, the Chinese company JinkoSolar has plans to install a solar-panel park in Cuncunul and a wind farm in Tizimín; two solar plants Ticul and one at San Ignacio, which is a comisaría of Progreso.

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