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Yucatan remains in ‘orange’ 5 months after 1st coronavirus case

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Five months to the day since the first coronavirus case was detected in Yucatan, the state showed mostly positive signs pointing toward recovery.

The data points used to determine where Yucatan stands in the four-color “traffic light” system have allowed the state to stay on “orange,” rather than revert to “red.” But increasing testing positivity rates prevented Yucatan from advancing to the “yellow” stage.

Yucatan has a chance to advance, further loosening restrictions on commerce and public gatherings, in two weeks when data such as hospital occupancy and contagion rates are examined.

New infections totaled 158 on Thursday while 30 more COVID-19 patients died, health officials said. That brings to 1,561 the number of deaths Yucatan has seen since the pandemic reached the state in March.

Of Thursday’s new infections, 98 were in Merida, 13 in Valladolid, 10 in Ticul, nine in Progreso, eight in Tizimín, two in Huhí, Kanasín, Maní, Tekax, two from out of state, and one case in Cansahcam, Izamal, San Felipe, Telchac Pueblo, Temozón, Tinum, Tixkokob, Tixpéhual, Uayma and Umán.

Fatalities included 19 men and 11 women between 48 and 83 years old. Of these, 12 were from Merida, three from Valladolid, two from Kanasín and Tinum; and one from Baca, Chapab, Chichimilá, Dzilam González, Izamal, Kantunil, Maxcanú, Motul, Peto, Temozón and Umán.

Of Yucatan’s accumulated 12,289 coronavirus patients, nearly 80% have recovered. Current patients include 402 staying at home in stable condition and 526 in the hospital, four more than the day before.

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