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Yucatán reports a COVID decline of 77% in a week

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COVID-19 cases in Yucatán plunged another 77% in a week and deaths fell from an average of eight a day to three, doctors said Saturday.

New infections totaled 24 in 24 hours, the lowest number since around Christmas. Daily cases average 57 this week compared to 253 the week before.

Hospitalizations have held steady for three days at 32. Private medical centers do not report their admissions. Quarantines fell again, this time by 13 to reach 402 households.

In total, 6,889 people have died from the Coronavirus in Yucatán. The statewide recovery rate has risen to an average of 93%.

The latest fatalities included two Mérida women, 64 and 56 respectively, and a 56-year-old male from Valladolid. All had comorbidities such as obesity and a history of smoking.

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