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Thursday, June 30, 2022

Yucatan reports a steady rise in coronavirus infections

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A line forms outside O’Horan Hospital in Merida, where COVID-19 tests are offered for free. Photo: Priscilla Holst / Facebook

New coronavirus infections in the last seven days averaged 106, an increase of 40 over the previous three weeks, Yucatan health data indicates.

On Saturday, officials said 129 new cases were detected in 24 hours, continuing an upward trend that began Nov 20. Infections reached double digits on Tuesday when daily cases jumped from 92 to 114.

Daily fatalities remained steady with the loss of one female and three male patients.

Since the crisis began, the Yucatan health ministry has counted 2,687 deaths connected to the coronavirus. Infections are at 23,639 and patients range in age from a year old to 99.

The strain on hospitals is still less than it was over the summer. The great majority of current COVID-19 patients are in stable condition and recuperating at home. Hospitals are caring for 146 out of the 829 patients under medical care in Yucatan, the health ministry reported during Saturday’s briefing.

Mérida accounted for 107 of new cases; five were in Kanasín; four in Motul and Umán; two in Valladolid; and one each in Dzoncauich, Hunucmá, Izamal, Peto, Progreso and Timucuy. A person marked as a “foreigner” also tested positive for the virus.

Also Saturday, 102 recoveries were announced, maintaining an 85% recovery rate in Yucatan.

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