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Yucatán runs out of vaccine, waits for next shipment

New coronavirus infections decline 3rd consecutive day

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Health-care workers were the first to get coronavirus vaccinations in Yucatán. Photo: Courtesy

Yucatán has already exhausted its first batch of coronavirus vaccine doses, the governor announced Saturday. The state’s 9,750 doses were administered to medical staff in 16 hospitals and clinics starting Wednesday.

Health-care workers were given priority, and will continue to be when more vaccine arrives this week, Gov. Mauricio vila Dosal said. The elderly will be next in line.

Nine states across Mexico have already gone through their alotted vials. Two more shipments will arrive from the federal government in the next few weeks for a total of 27,300 doses allocated for Yucatán in January.

New cases totaled 113 on Thursday, triggering concerns that the state was back to triple-digit infections. But infections declined the next three days, a state health ministry briefing indicated Saturday, when 64 new coronavirus cases and seven fatalities were announced.

Other indicators were also hopeful. Hospitalizations declined by one and the number of patients recovering at home dipped by 25. New cases had outpaced recoveries from Jan. 2 until Thursday. On Saturday, 83 patients were declared recovered from COVID-19, indicating a recovery rate of around 85%.

Week over week, the average number of new coronavirus infections remained unchanged at 92. An average of eight people died every day in Yucatán while battling COVID-19, up from six each day the previous two weeks.

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