Yucatán still at ‘orange’ with few dramatic changes in coronavirus data

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Authorities block off one-half of Yucatán’s iconic “sillas confidentes” with potted plants to avoid the spread of coronavirus. Photo: Carlos Rosado van der Gracht

Yucatán remained one step below red alert and 105 more coronavirus infections were found in 24 hours, health ministry officials said Thursday. Another seven patients, including a 41-year-old woman with diabetes, died while battling COVID-19.

Tizimín, Espita and Mérida lead the infections, which have totaled 25,341 since March. Among the most important data points is ICU hospital capacity, which remained stable at around 20%. Total hospital occupancy in Yucatán was at 45%, barely changing from two weeks earlier.

On Thursday, hospitalizations reached 146, down seven from the day before.

Hospital admission rates declined the most dramatically, by -5.6%, while the rate of contagion and testing positivity dipped slightly.

Another 636 current patients are in stable condition and being monitored at home.

So far this week, Yucatán is recording an average of 84 new daily infections. The previous seven days ended with 68 daily infections, on average. Fatalities have averaged six a day since the beginning of November.

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