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Yucatán Symphony begins XXIX season with Russian works

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The Yucatán Symphony Orchestra is back. Photo: Courtesy

Mérida, Yucatán — With a selection of masterpieces from composers such as Tchaikovsky, Ravel and Revueltas, the Yucatán Symphony Orchestra announced its XXIX concert season program.

Maestro Juan Carlos Lomónaco raises his baton Friday, Jan. 26, with 11 more programs planned into June.

At a press conference, Miguel Escobedo, general director of the Guarantor Trust of the Yucatán Symphony Orchestra (Figarosy), explained that this is not just another season of the OSY, but a completely renewed season.

“After all, music is literature, because it is born from the composer’s pen and consists of a reading that the musicians interpret, and they translate the great legacy that great composers have left us,” said Escobedo.

The president of the OSY board of directors, Margarita Molina Zaldívar, highlighted the program’s diversity, and how it balances well-known and lesser-known pieces.

“The public is interested in hearing new things and it is an honor to be part of this project,” said Molina Zaldívar.

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Lomónaco, principal director of the OSY, spoke in detail about the 12 presentations, which will include guest conductors from Spain, Poland, Peru and Mexico.

Guest soloists will include pianists Anna Miernik and Jorge Federico Osorio, violinists Osvaldo Urbieta and Emanuel Salvador and the guitarist Pablo Garibay.

And so the Teatro José Peón Contreras audience can appreciate different interpretations of the music, the Yucatan symphony will feature distinguished guest conductors such as Jacek Rogala, Miguel Ángel Navarro, Jesús Medina and Fernando Valcárcel.

The season will begin this Friday, Jan. 26 and Sunday, Jan. 28 with the presentation of works belonging to the great Russian musical tradition, such as the Russian Easter Overture and Capriccio Español by Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov and Tchaikovsky’s Symphony No. 1.

The end of the season will bring one of Mozart’s most renowned and popular operas, “Don Giovanni,” in two acts with a comic-dramatic libretto by Lorenzo Da Ponte.

All the details will be posted on the Yucatán Symphony Orchestra website.

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