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Yucatán town builds special bathrooms for LGBTQ+ Pride visitors

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The mayor of Maxcanú shows reporters public restrooms under construction to serve LGBTQ visitors. Screen grab from Yucatán en Corto video

Maxcanú is building public restrooms to be set aside exclusively for LGBTQ visitors during Pride celebrations.

El Universal reports that city officials recently approved the plan to accommodate gay, lesbian and transgender visitors expected to arrive.

Mayor Camilo Delelys May said members of the LGBTQ+ community have complained of confrontations in public restrooms.

LGBTQ+ Pride celebrations are held around the world each June. Mérida’s march is June 18 while Mexcanú, about 40 miles southwest of the center of the capital, is planning one on June 28.

The project seems particularly aimed at transgender participants, whose appearance causes confusion among locals in either men’s or women’s bathrooms.

“We have considered some special bathrooms, requested by the gay community,” said the mayor. “We know that they are also human beings and on this occasion, they approached the City Council to ask for a space.”

Judging by his Facebook banner, Maxcanú Mayor Camilo Delelys May appears to be an ally of the LGBTQ community.

“They pay their taxes and they have rights,” said Delelys May, whose Facebook page currently has a rainbow-themed banner in support of LGBTQ Pride month.

Maxcanú, with a population of just over 20,000, is a relatively sizeable town with numerous haciendas.

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