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Yucatan’s coronavirus infections, hospitalizations jump

103 new cases in Merida alone as accumulated infections pass 4,000 mark

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A June 27 Yucatan health department graphic shows where coronavirus has been found since mid-March.

Coronavirus infections jumped Saturday, passing the 4,000 mark, while daily deaths have remained fairly steady since Wednesday.

Yucatan health officials reported 11 more deaths and 177 new cases in the past 24 hours. The real number of infections, of course, is much higher since most residents have not been tested.

Accumulated infections have reached 4,018 while recoveries average 64% or 2,790 people, including 80 in the past 24 hours.

Current patients include 560 in stable condition and at home, with hospitals caring for the other 244, up 14 since Friday.

Of the new cases, 103 were in Mérida alone. Another 13 were found in Valladolid; 11 in Umán; seven in Kanasín; five in Tizimín; four in Hunucmá, Progreso and Temozón; three in Baca, Dzemul and Ticul; two in Kinchil, Tekax and Xocchel, and one in the municipalities of Buctzotz, Chocholá, Dzilam González, Homún, Izamal, Kaua, Maxcanú, Samahil, Tekal de Venegas, Tetiz and Yaxkukul.

Only nine municipalities remain without signs of coronavirus infection: Cantamayec, Cuncunul, Dzilam de Bravo, Mayapán, Río Lagartos, Sudzal, Tahdziú, Telchac Puerto and Tunkás.

A 42-year-old Tekax man with a medical history of hypertension and diabetes was the youngest to die while a 75-year-old diabetic Merida man was the oldest. All but one of the deceased had pre-existing conditions that presumably complicated recovery.

This brings to 424 the number of deaths in Yucatan from COVID-19 since April.

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