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Yucatan’s COVID cases are up 49.5% since Tuesday

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An otherwise healthy 23-year-old was one of 14 Yucatán COVID patients to die Saturday, state medical authorities reported.

Another 293 new cases were reported, continuing a daily climb that began Tuesday. New infections are up 49.5% since Monday, the total was below 200.

“As long as people take this pandemic lightly … this won’t end,” said Siom Yam of Motul, commenting on the state’s Facebook post.

Admissions in public hospitals rose by five to reach 269 while quarantines totaled 2,168, up 84 in one day.

Fatalities ranged in age from 23 to 85. Four were listed as having no comorbidities, while three others — including a 49-year-old man — had only a history of smoking as a complicating factor. The others also suffered from either obesity, diabetes or both.

On Monday, residents in their 40s will receive their second AstraZeneca dose in 51 municipalities including Valladolid and Ticul. Kasasín and Tizimín residents as young as 18 will be given their first injection.

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