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2022 hurricane season is about to get real, starting at Yucatán Peninsula

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Meteorologist Zack Fradella. Photo: Fox 8

Yucatan’s hurricane season has been pretty quiet so far, bringing no more than afternoon thunderstorms.

In fact, 2022 has seen the slowest start to the Atlantic hurricane season in about 30 years.

But don’t get too comfortable. The peak season is here. And the first area to watch will be near the Yucatán Peninsula, said New Orleans-based Meteorologist Zack Fradella.

Computer models are starting to show lowering pressures in the Caribbean, but are also picking up on some long-track storms off the coast of Africa and into the Atlantic Ocean.

Hurricane Dean was the first hurricane of the 2007 Atlantic season. It formed in the latter half of August when it swallowed the Yucatán Peninsula on its way to the Gulf of Mexico. Photo: Stocktrek

A tropical wave across the southwestern Caribbean is forecast to emerge into the southwest Gulf of Mexico later this week. But the National Weather Service has given it only a 20% chance of developing over the next five days.

An onslaught of Saharan Dust has been keeping bad weather at bay.

“There is nothing to be worried about at this time, but now is a good time to start getting your hurricane plan in place,” said the Fox 8 weatherman.

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