Mérida Pride 2024: Colorful March Will Retake the Paseo

Yucatán's LGBTQ+ people and their allies have grown in force

Progreso Guide: 6 Reasons to Get Off the Cruise Ship

Progreso is growing and has much to offer daytrippers. Here is your Progreso guide with six bright ideas to start you off.

Yucatán’s Iconic Hammocks Are Hanging in There

Manufacturers and sellers of hammocks are in a struggle to stay in business, threatening the future of an iconic symbol of Yucatecan living.

Mary Brown’s takes aim in Mérida’s chicken sandwich war

Wendy's in Xcanatún has a new neighbor from Canada....

Yucatán Heat Wave: Scorching Temperatures Continue

The Yucatán Peninsula is experiencing a brutal heat wave that's drawing attention to the region's vulnerability to a changing climate.

Yucatán’s Dry Spell: A History of Drought in a Thirsty Land

Throughout history, Yucatán has grappled with the cyclical nature of drought.

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Cozy, Quaint, Quiet: The Best Boutique Hotels in Mérida

When it comes to luxury accommodations, bigger isn’t always better. Find out more about the best boutique hotels in Mérida, Mexico

Ek Balam: The City of the Black Jaguar

Explore Ek Balam for its famous Acropolis' elaborate stucco reliefs, which are some of the most striking and well-preserved examples of artwork in all of Mesoamerica.

Luxury & Elegance at the Best 5-Star Hotels in Mérida

Looking for a luxurious Yucatán getaway? Contributor Bryan Dearsley takes a look at the best 5-star hotels in Mérida, Mexico

At Mérida Teens Club, a Learning Studio Provides Alternative to Conventional School

“Call it a learning studio because in a studio, what do you do? You experiment, you play, right?" says Jenita Lawal.

Lorraine Toohey Followed an Artist’s Path to a Vibrant Community

As a young artist, Lorraine Toohey embarked on an...

Where to Find the Best Meatless Burgers in Mérida

Merida's got the meats, but a growing demand for vegetarian and vegan options has restaurants getting creative and serving plant-based deliciousness.

LA Celebrity Trainer ‘JJ’ Johnson On Moving to Mérida

A certified personal trainer, vegan activist, and professional dancer/choreographer, JJ is a definite “it girl” of hip-hop dance cardio workouts.  

Why is Ancient San Miguelito Cancún’s Obscure Maya Wonder?

Tucked between five-star resorts along Cancún’s hotel zone sits the remains of the prehispanic settlement of San Miguelito.

How Close Yucatán Came to Becoming Part of the US

Knowing just how close Yucatán came to becoming part of the US is an important reminder of Yucatán's independence
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