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Saturday, October 16, 2021
Quintana Roo has come to depend on a steady stream of cruise-goers, to maintain jobs at...
Indigenous groups from across Mexico, including Yucatán and Quintana Roo, sailed to Europe in what they describe as an invasion of conscience.
The group, which is now known as Asociación de Cantineros, is already made up of over 120 members but is yet to elect its first president. 
Yucatán's Gov. Mauricio Vila Dosal in Trieste Italy with the executive board of the Italian company...
As Mike grew up, he dove back into nature, researching the environment, wildlife, and space. He understood the process he had to follow in order to achieve the photos he dreamed of.
e measure was put in place over a year and a half ago along with a series of other restrictions to help against the spread of COVID-19.
A group of protesters staged a demonstration in front of the monument to the Montejo, vandalizing it and chanting anti-colonialistic slogans.
The news comes as a disappointment for many who thought that a return to yellow on Mexico’s epidemiological traffic light system would mean more of a return to normal for public events. 
The number of stray dogs and cats on the streets and beaches of Progreso has become a public health hazard, admits Mayor Julián Zacarías Curi.
Alberto Salum befriended many in Mérida's expat community. Photo: Joe Stines Mérida...
As of today, Oct. 11, the Riviera Maya expects to close 2021 with an occupancy rate above 80%, its best figure since the beginning of the pandemic.
Of the total number of events, there are 24 musical events, 30 theater performances, eight dances, nine literature gatherings, and nine academic events, as well as three performing arts exhibits. 
More than halfway through AMLO’s tenure, the president's largest infrastructure project, the Mayan Train, is only 10% complete.
School children in Sotuta, Yucatán, wear facemasks and maintain social distancing while lining up for in-person...
The aquatic life of the San Pedro Mártir River in Tabasco finds refuge in the submerged...
Cyclists pedal along across the street from the Fiesta Americana, one of Mérida’s largest hotels. Photo:...

Massimo Bottura’s community dinner is fighting hunger in Refettorio Mérida

Refettorio is a cultural project designed to offer dining experiences through the transformation of surplus ingredients into nutritious and beautiful dishes.

The Dresden Codex, the great Maya book of the stars

The Dresden Codex is a Mayan book believed to be the oldest surviving book written in the Americas, dating to the 11th or 12th century.

How photographer Mike Diaz captures Yucatán’s unique environment

As Mike grew up, he dove back into nature, researching the environment, wildlife, and space. He understood the process he had to follow in order to achieve the photos he dreamed of.

On the market

Browse Yucatán's most beautiful homes and the properties with the most potential.

A private paradise at your Yucatán country estate

A private country estate is all...

Ermita retreat: Historic charm and modern amenities

This charming retreat has every feature that...

Casa del Águila: Just the right location for $150,000

Casa del Águila in Mérida is...

El Pinar: Colonial pink mystery on Calle 60

After being seemingly abandoned for some time, its 2020 for-sale announcement reawakened curiosity for the building.

Uayma is an architectural gem in Yucatán’s east

The town is well known for its beautifully adorned 17th-century church but is not frequented by many tourists.

Casa Oliva — A colorful renovation in San Sebastián

Casa Oliva sits just around the corner from San Sebastian park. Inside and out, it is a celebration of the colors of the world.

How to care for your plants during Yucatecan fall

We might think the weather remains the same, but our plants could think differently.

Casas Gemelas — French legacy on the Paseo Montejo

The Casas Gemelas are a pair of French-style mansions built in the early 20th century. Their construction began in 1906 and they were inaugurated on Dec. 24, 1911.

Mérida real estate market heats up, even beyond the Periférico

Increases are not limited to the Centro or its surrounding neighborhoods. Areas once considered fairly affordable such as Francisco de Montejo, and Ciudad Caucel have also seen considerable price hikes. 

Taller Estilo has worked on over 200 properties in Mérida Centro alone

“The Centro has really become our cornerstone,” says Atahualpa. “In the past 18 years we’ve restored, remodeled, and restructured over 200 houses in Centro alone.”

MANO is baking the handmade treats that Mérida was craving all along

Robert Willson's MANO line of baked treats were introduced at Epicure...

More of Mérida’s obscurities: 5 food finds and handicraft discoveries

Maggie Cale's adventures continue and she unearths yet more hidden treasures in Mérida.

The best breakfasts in Yucatán

Breakfast time in Yucatán is full of delicious options, from the spicy to the sweet and savory.

How to make Chiles en Nogada, Mexico’s most patriotic dish (includes video)

Get ready for Mexican independence day by preparing delicious Chiles en Nogada with a little help from our video tutorial.

The amazing birds of Yucatán

The Yucatan peninsula is home to some of Mexico’s most beautiful and exuberants birds, 565 of them to be exact.

Yucatán’s amazing animals — from the cute to the scaly and the smelly

This week we continue our quest to bring to you original photographs and information about some of Yucatán’s most amazing animals.

Yucatán’s amazing animals, from the solitary jaguar to the misunderstood opossum

Though the exact number of animal species on the Yucatán Peninsula is hard to nail down, even conservative estimates place the number in the thousands.

Enjoying Yucatecan foods in a Whole30 diet

A "Chopped" champion chef adapted the best of Yucatán's flavors to the growing Whole 30 diet.

Sleep is better in a hammock, scientific study confirms

Mayan people have traditionally preferred to hang hammocks rather than make beds. Swiss researchers have found this preference to be justified.

Mamey on the menu: All about Yucatán’s healthy fruit

For access to a fruit that's delicious and full of healthy properties, you're in the right place. Yucatán happens to be the country's largest producer of mamey.

5 healthy reasons to drink tequila

A magazine that promotes healthy lifestyles reports that tequila shots can be part of that regimen.

The Environment

A plea to end Mérida’s days of unchecked growth

A new report titled "the costs of urban expansion in Mexico" has found that Mérida's strategy for growth is alarmingly deficient.

Yucatán has lost over half of its jungle

Aside from Mérida, the worst affected municipalities include Tizimín, Tecax, and Tzucacab, all of which are known for ranching and agriculture.

Dolphin found beached on the shore of San Crisanto

Video of the rescue was captured by one of the fishermen who can be heard speaking to the dolphin and reassuring it with gentle gestures..

Beach erosion now creeping in on 100% of Yucatán beach homes

"We need a new set of standards to address the problem, as honestly efforts so far have not only been unsuccessful but have actually made the problem worse," said Pedro Castro Borges, of the CInsvestav research institute.

New measures needed to protect Yucatán’s beaches from pollution

Worrying levels of pollution have been detected at four of Yucatán's beaches.


Its port quiet for over a year, Progreso will welcome Carnival Breeze in July

Progreso will be a rare port of call for Carnival in July.

The end of Maruchans: Why instant soups are banned in Mexico

Profeco announced that instant soups will be withdrawn from the market because they are considered harmful to the health of consumers.

New Xcaret theme park to open in Yucatán by December

Xibalba park will feature a circuit of eight cenotes connected by an artificial flowing river.

The most beautiful Mayan words in the Spanish language

Mayaisms add poetry to everyday conversation

The skyrocketing value of colonial homes in downtown Mérida

During the last decade, the value of colonial homes in Mérida's historic center has risen by as much as 300%.

Exploring Mexico's ancient past

Xpujil, gateway to the Calakmul biosphere

Xpujil is an archaeological site in the south of the Mexican state of Campeche, within the Calakmul Biosphere Reserve, and within the limits of the contemporary town of the same name.

Dzibanché and the forging of the great snake dynasty

Recent research suggests that Dzibanché was one of the largest early Mayan cities in the entirety of Mesoamerica and may have been the first capital of the Kan, the first great Maya dynasty.

Balamkú, the great city of the sacred jaguar lords

Balamkú is an archaeological site in the south of the Mexican state of Campeche, within the Calakmul Biosphere, near the entrance to Calakmul national park.