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Healing others with time-honored practices, music, and ‘sacred medicines’

After a difficult past, Nayeli found healing and inspiration through indigenous practices.  Originally from Sinaloa, the founder of Tribu Expansión learned the practice after attending...

The smart traveler’s guide to flying to the Yucatán Peninsula

Pristine beaches, ancient ruins, charming colonial towns, and luxury resorts, Mexico does have it all.

Is Playa del Carmen finally starting to turn things around?

Back in the mid 1990s, Playa del Carmen was mostly known as the place one took the ferry to Cozumel, which by then was already established as a popular spot for domestic and international tourists.

From auto repair shop to domestic bliss, fantasy staircase included

Since a new Mérida home was a dream come true both, it seemed fitting that Jim Jones and Ramon Alvarez named this ethereal blue beauty “Casa Dos Sueños.” In the end, they transformed an old auto-repair shop into something out of a fairytale.

Deborah LaChapelle masters the art of conjuring cloud-like hues that look ready to float away  

After two decades in Mérida, her homes are among the most distinctive around. They are richly styled, embrace available materials and connect to their surroundings.

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Exploring Mesoamerica's ancient past

Poxilá is the most impressive Mayan ruin that you’re not allowed to see

As anyone who follows this column knows, the breadth and depth of Maya ruins in Yucatán state alone is simply too much for any...

Off the beaten path, the great city of Chacmultún awaits

Many of Chacmultún’s most imposing structures were built atop hills. While this practice is very common in other regions of Mesoamerica, it is very rare in the extremely flat northern Yucatan.

Beyond Cozumel’s beaches are fascinating Mayan ruins to explore

During the late post-classic San Gervasio grew to be one of the Maya’s most important ceremonial centers in the Costa Oriental Region.