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Saturday, September 24, 2022

Come and getcha authentic New York pizza on the Remate

We were a group of eight, including a child, eager to try a new pizza spot in Mérida. We headed to the Remate, where...

Juan Cortés finds beauty and mindfulness through his artful weaving

Before the pandemic turned us all into handicrafts experts, this artist had his first experience with the world of textiles.

Casa Chaká: A boutique hotel with nature at its center

Walking around Calle 37, a couple of blocks east of the Paseo de Montejo in Mérida, keep an eye out for the modern block facade of Casa Chaká.

Santa Ana: Park, market, and church in the center of Mérida

Walking around Centro we find many parks and public spaces to explore. The first of this series is El Parque de Santa Ana.

Gabo Mendoza: Murals, art, and its many shapes

In a Centro Mérida home, right in the heart of Colonia Santiago, Gabriel Mendoza starts mixing the second color for his latest botanic mural.

Santa Lucía: Park in the heart of Mérida’s Centro

Combined with its unbeatable location and beautiful surroundings, it is no surprise that Santa Lucía has become one of Mérida’s most iconic parks.

Which house plant for which room? Advice from a local garden center

Many of us gravitate toward beginner-friendly plants and often remain on that level. But if you’re looking to embark into a leafier, more colorful world, it may be time you moved on to ‘level two.’

We’re combing the streets of Mérida, looking for a quick bite

Cornbread on your frappe? Our food scout gets adventurous while searching for a new place to snack

The wonderful world of pitaya in Yucatán

Pitaya will soon be plentiful in Yucatan, ready for everything from cheesecake to daiquiris.

Come and getcha authentic New York pizza on the Remate

We were a group of eight, including a child, eager to try a new...

Video: Enjoy preparing your own Chiles en Nogada with your friends

Chiles en Nogada are not difficult to make, but they are time-consuming. Only poblano peppers...

Which Metaverse Is Superior: Decentraland (MANA) or Sandbox (SAND)?

Decentraland and Sandbox are significant words in the area of the metaverse. Let's examine the distinctions between Decentraland and Sandbox and understand what is...



Exploring Mesoamerica's ancient past

Why Xcoch is the Puuc Maya’s diamond in the rough

Exploring the rarely visited Mayan city of Xoch in the Puuc Valley.

Kulubá, the grand Maya capital of Yucatán’s east

With strong ties to some of the Peninsula’s most powerful city-states, Kulubá is believed to have ruled northeastern Yucatán with an iron fist.

Video: Dzibilchaltún as you’ve never seen it before

With his trusty camera and scrupulously legal use of our drone, El Gato Volador, (shooting from the highway with a telephoto lens and...