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2,793 COVID cases were found last week in Yucatán

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COVID cases in Yucatán rose 39% in one week, with by far the most patients assigned to home quarantine. Of the 2,793 additional infections found last week by doctors, 2001 were attributed to mild cases that did not burden hospitals.

That amounts to an average of 456 new patients each day, a huge jump over pre-Easter weekly totals in the low single digits. Between April 10 and 16, new daily cases averaged 1.3.

On Saturday alone, daily cases reached 545 after reaching double digits for the first time this year on June 8.

The real number of COVID infections continues to be assumed many times higher as coronavirus testing is not widely available or affordable in many areas of the state.

Officials are most concerned with the pandemic’s strain on the health care system. Last week started with 16 patients in public hospitals and ended with 38.

Additionally, three coronavirus-related fatalities were reported last week, including a 92-year-old Mérida man on Saturday.

Current patients range in age from 1 month to 107 years.

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