3 in Mérida fined for animal abuse

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A horse that was abandoned on Calle 55 was seized by Municipal Police a year ago. File photo

Mérida, Yucatán —Three people have been fined by the city after they were found to be mistreating animals.

Fines varied, and details of the cases were not disclosed. Wildlife Protection regulations allow them to range from 806,000 pesos to just over 4 million pesos. In addition, 36 hours of detention is possible for repeat offenders.

Juan Carlos Cocom Herrera, an official with city, explained that property owners cannot apply for any kind of municipal permit until fines are paid.

The city learns of abuse cases mostly from neighbors using the Ayuntatel hotline.

From there, the accusation is channeled to the municipal court, which sends the Animal Protection Unit to verify that the animal is living in poor conditions.

The Animal Protection Unit looks after the welfare of cats and dogs, as well as work horses, which have been seized under dire conditions.

Source: Sipse

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