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3 Things You Shouldn’t Compromise On 

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Many people always compromise on what they need. Compromising is giving in to another way of thinking different from what you believe or want. You can find yourself in many instances, and you’ve to decide whether or not to compromise. Though compromise doesn’t seem to be a big deal initially, its implications are deeper. 

Knowing when and how to compromise is one of the most important tools you can learn about yourself and your boundaries. There are instances when you should compromise to avoid different opinions, especially if it’s best for your relationship or circumstances. For instance, you’re managing a project, but it’s fallen behind schedule. 

You end up disagreeing with your co-worker as you suggest asking the client to add more days to deliver, but your partner suggests working long hours. Compromising in such cases will benefit both parties. The concept of compromise means that neither party gets everything they want. In a situation such as this, both parties have to take the risk of losing something for the greater good. 

Though there are some situations to compromise, there are those that you should never compromise. Self-expression is vital in such instances. Here are some of the things that you should never compromise.

1. Self-Worth

Knowing your worth and the ramifications of doubting it can be monumental in a person’s life. Self-worth is tough, especially for those who are always ready to please others. You will meet different kinds of people in your life, like domineering people who always try to disrespect you or overstep their boundaries

They generally prey on those with low self-worth or who don’t know what to stand for. The truth is nobody is worth your energy and time if they don’t value your worth. Being able to assess and protect your self-worth is a years-long process that comes to everyone in their own time. Once you realize it, however, you should never revert back to previous practices that demeaned your character and what makes you uniquely you. 

Your self-worth, personal meaning, and confidence can’t be compromised in your relationships, spiritual or otherwise. For example, your partner violates your self-worth if they always say negative things about you or focus on your negatives and ignore your accomplishments. Self-respect is vital in such cases, and there is no need to compromise. 

2. Individuality 

Individuality is also a value you should never compromise, no matter the situation. Talking about individuality looks at lots of characters or originality that makes you unique. This is about your happiness, emotions, discipline, humanity, loyalty, spiritual beliefs, and honesty. 

For instance, your personal style and appearance are your individuality. What you are as a person and what you bring to the table are never the same as someone else, nor should anyone expect them to be. It would be best if you never compromised because of someone else. If it’s summertime, for example, and you’re on vacation with friends relaxing on the sandy beaches under the sun, you may desire protection for your eyes and face. Many people compliment their looks with sunglasses. 

Since you don’t want beach activities to cause eye strain because of a previous eye problem, you should use polarized prescription sunglasses. Your friends are not into such suggestions and think you should try something new on vacation, but you can’t compromise. Why? It’s a matter of your health and belief in what works best for you. You can’t change just because you need to impress them. What if not using your prescription glasses leads to another eye defect? You should always be the gatekeeper of your personal principles. 

3. Ethics

At some point, you may find yourself in a situation where you must compromise your ethics or morals. But these values in life cannot be compromised. Basic morals such as humanity, love, compassion, empathy, integrity, respect, and love make you who you are. 

Your boss asks you to compromise your dignity to get a bigger job promotion. This is very common in today’s society, and people don’t think twice before compromising. But the reality is, is it worth it? What if it’s just a test? What if you don’t compromise? Chances are you become more valuable to them. Your ethics and morals are upheld, and they won’t think twice before giving you a higher rank. 

Never Settle

Compromising every day in your life means you will never do what you’ve always dreamed of. Society today encourages everyone to compromise, and once you compromise, you get what you never expected. Let your self-expression determine your qualities. Don’t compromise to impress anyone. Compromising will ruin your personality and cost you God’s blessing, health, and even a higher promotion. 

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