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3 Yucatecan fishermen rescued after lost at sea 5 days

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Three fisherman were adrift five days in the Gulf of Mexico before they were rescued by Navy crew. Photo: Courtesy

After five days adrift, three fishermen were rescued in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico.

The “Junuteca” had sailed from Progreso July 8 and had not been heard from since, according to a Navy report.

The rescue was carried out by the Fifth Naval Region after detecting an emergency signal 22 nautical miles, or around 41 kilometers, northwest of the port city.

Engine failure was blamed for the potential calamity. The boat was towed, its three occupants on board, to the dock of the Ninth Naval Zone.

One of the crew presented respiratory problems and was checked by Naval health personnel and later transferred to a hospital in Merida.

Source: Sipse

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