55 businesses suspended for not following contingency regulations

A Merida paint store is among 55 businesses closed in Yucatan after inspectors determined that health precautions were not followed. Photo: Courtesy

State health inspectors have forced 55 businesses across Yucatan to close after they were found to have ignored coronavirus contingency measures.

In the current wave of Yucatan’s economic reopening, businesses can start again, but under limited hours and without crowding. Physical distancing protocols are routinely ignored in shops and offices across Yucatan.

Inspectors swept Mérida, Valladolid, Progreso and Ticimul. A radiology business, a supermarket, a beer dispenser, a butcher, a fabrics wholesaler and haberdashery, as well as a paint store, a jewelry shop and a hardware store were closed and cited for breaching operating hours. Some restaurants and bars seated too many customers, health inspectors said.

Uniformed, badge-carrying health-protocol inspectors have conducted 12,489 inspections at every type of business imaginable.

Authorities vowed to continue crackdowns, also visiting manufacturers, real estate and other professional offices and hotels or motels to verify the rules of Wave 1 are being followed.

Hotels are allowed to book rooms at no more than 10% capacity and only with visitors here for business purposes. Restaurants can fill tables at just 25% capacity, making it difficult to justify the cost of running the kitchen.

Retail businesses with a floor space of ​​less than 150 square meters may allow just one customer for every 10 square meters; larger shops can allow one customer for every five square meters. Salons and health clinics cannot accept walk-ins and can fill their spaces at no more than a quarter capacity.

It was not clear when each business will be allowed to open again or if owners are being forced to pay a fine.

Source: Diario de Yucatan

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