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8 Cuban refugees are rescued by a fisherman off the Yucatán coast

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Several migrants from Cuba were rescued in Río Lagartos. Photo: SSP

A group of eight migrants who found themselves in Río Lagartos are the latest of nearly two dozen Cuban refugees who reached Yucatán this month.

The passengers were rescued Thursday by a fisherman 25 nautical miles off the coast after having been adrift for 15 days.

They said they had hoped to reach the United States after leaving their country on April 13, local media reported.

They said that their boat’s motor failed five days after their journey began.

The fisherman, who was at work, spotted the boat and towed it to shore. Once on land, they were treated for dehydration by the Yucatán state police. Then they were transferred to the national migration institute.

On April 2, another group of Cuban castaways was given aid when they docked in the port of El Cuyo. The seven men and two women claimed to have left for Mexico on March 19.

Likewise, on April 13, six people also from Cuba landed at the port of San Felipe.

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