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A push for more Yucatecan destination weddings

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Christian Castro, a popular singer, gets married at Hacienca Xcanatún in Mérida in May 2017. Photo: Facebook

A journey through time in magical settings, such as ancient haciendas and mystical cenotes, are part of what Yucatán offers to a bride or groom seeking a wedding that is out of the ordinary.

And celebrity weddings will lead the way.

A bride poses at the Monumento a la Patría. Photo: RomanceYucatan.com

To take advantage of the growing romance tourism segment, an Official Destination Wedding Directory has been sent to nearly 1,000 wedding planners.

They hope to build on a Yucatecan wedding trend followed by pop singer Cristian Castro back in May.

Photo: RomanceYucatan.com

At a recent wedding expo in Mérida. businessman Gonzalo Novelo Durán recalled that a single high-end wedding between model/actress Ludwika Paleta and Emiliano Salinas, the son of the ex-president Carlos Salinas de Gortari, was good for business in 2013.

The son of a former president marries a famous model/actress at Hacienda Tekik del Regil in 2013. Photo: Hacienda Tekik del Regil

An estimated 700 guests arrived at Hacienda Tekik del Regil, some by private jets, and they rented lodging, ate at restaurants, bought clothes and gifts, he said.

The ceremony ended up pumping up to 15 million pesos into the economy, he estimated.

Called the “wedding of the year” in the media, the event also gave Yucatán priceless publicity.

The directory is also online here and here.

Source: Punto Medio

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