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A sneak peek at the AANY art fair

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12309562_885327718253739_6674022761768957099_oHere is a sneak preview of what’s in store at the AANY Arte A Mano Craft Show this weekend.

The AANY team scoured the three states of the Yucatan Peninsula and found 17 wonderful new craft artists to introduce in this year’s Arte a Mano show. There will be many familiar exhibitors, most with new work.

12309870_885327804920397_7964625868650126764_oThe grand total of 80 exhibitors makes this year’s show by far the biggest ever with an amazing array of craft art for your holiday gift giving, home decorating and personal whims and wants.

Among the new exhibiting artists is Andrés Vázquez Paloma presenting his award-winning bas relief carvings depicting village scenes. The detailed work of this self-taught artist is extraordinary.

12304356_885328158253695_6527903180211694784_oAlfredo Poot Dzib, will present his highly decorated jicara items from lamps to tortilleras to a large variety of decorative items. Rosalinda Couich Ramirez will present her charming baskets and woven animals made of bejuco and Maria Esther Uitzil, will exhibit exquisite woven shawls in many sizes and colors.

The show is Friday, Dec. to 4 Sunday, Dec. 6  Friday’s hours are 5-9 p.m. and Saturday/Sunday from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. at CANACO, Avenida Itzaes x Calle 31 in Mérida, just three blocks south of Clinica de Mérida Hospital.

Admission is free.


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