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Activists jump into ring, disrupt bullfight at Plaza de Toros

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Activists briefly stop a bullfight at Mérida’s Plaza de Toros. Photo: Whatsapp

Mérida, Yucatán — A pair of shirtless animal-rights activists leaped into the ring Sunday to stop a bullfight at Plaza de Toros.

Peter Janssen and Bruno Hernández, members of the Vegan Strike Group, were immediately apprehended by a crewman and a reporter. But on Facebook, they declared victory in bringing attention to their cause.

On their chests, the animal-rights proponents painted mottos that translate to “Culture without death” and “Enough already.”

Earlier in the month, their colleagues at the Vegan Strike Group delayed a bullfight in Mexico City, and the group has protested animal mistreatment around the world.

Both were taken away by the SSP. Janssen, who is Dutch, was then handed to immigration authorities.

The incident occurred during the second fight of the afternoon while Mexican bullfighter Joselito Adame was in the ring.

“Soon we will be proud to share the video and the images of such a successful action,” says a message on their social networks.

Hernández, 24, is from Mexico City.  Janssen, 32, has a more lengthy resume. He has jumped into at least 32 active bull arenas in Spain, Colombia and Mexico.

In 2017, Janssen was the streaker who disrupted a dolphin show in Japan. In 2008, he released 2,500 minks on a fur farm in the Netherlands.

With information from Reporteros Hoy

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