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Adios hacienda style, hola Mexican coastal décor

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Sheryl Novak
Sheryl Novakhttps://www.solutionsmexico.com/
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Coastal décor replaced hacienda style in the condo in Mexico. Photo: Courtesy

It seemed like just yesterday when the owners of one of the most beautiful condo units in Bucerias purchased their home in Mexico. Since they were both busy with their business in Canada and not able to be here full time, they decided to rent out their unit.

Now, 10 years later, they have decided it is time to completely refresh their condo – new colors, new furniture, modern vibe. And after updating their unit, they plan to list and sell.

Over the next few weeks, we will be transforming their rental home – taking it from traditional Mexican style décor to a posh, yet fun beach condo.  We invite you to come along with us on this decorating adventure.

Ten years ago, the owners chose the traditional Mexican or hacienda style of décor. At the time, this was the predominant décor style for vacation or retirement homes here.

The owners initially chose to go with this décor theme because they wanted it to be different from what they decided for furnishings in their primary residence. For now, their unit features oversized wood furniture, marble-topped tables, dressers and nightstands, and a bright yellow, orange, and red color palette.

They also assumed that as a rental, it would make sense to keep the walls white so that any marks could easily be cleaned or painted over. The condo is a three-bedroom unit with over 320 square meters on two levels. Unfortunately, the overabundance of chunky, dark chocolate-stained wood furniture makes it feel much smaller.

Our first step was to meet with the owner and discuss the scope of the project. Our goal is to complete the update within four weeks and a budget of 50,000 pesos (about US$2,500). To first lock down a décor style and color palette, we reviewed some concept photos with the client.  For many, it is difficult to put into words how they want their home to look.

I have found that by reviewing 5 to 7 images of each décor style with the customer and then showing five to seven different color palettes, it makes it so much easier.  In this case, our client has selected the coastal/beach décor style. Their color palette preference is sand, bright white, cream, blue and turquoise.

With this decided, our next step is to do a walk-through of the home. Our in-house decorator loves to repurpose furniture and décor. Not only because it saves money for our clients, but also because there is so much that we can do with what is already in place.

For instance, she immediately identifies that the headboards can be made more contemporary in style (by merely cutting off the legs to lower the height) and painted a soft blue color. The chunky matching nightstands with old lamps will have to go, however. Already we can picture floating nightstands or even smaller, glass side tables with coastal-themed lamps.

Our next step is to create the project list so that we stay on time, and on budget. Not always an easy task in Mexico!

Are you planning to update your home in Mexico?  We are looking for our next project!  Email me at furniture@solutionsmexico.com.

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