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After 7 years in limbo, new hope for abandoned hospital site in Ticul

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An abandoned hospital project in Ticul will be finally finished, officials said. Photo: Facebook

A 30-room hospital in rural Yucatán, abandoned more than halfway through its construction in 2014, will finally be finished, government officials said.

After holding a meeting with a federal official, Gov. Mauricio Vila Dosal reported legal problems stalling its construction are close to being solved.

The facility in Ticul, one of Yucatán’s hardest-hit municipalities during the pandemic, will be run by the Mexican Institute of Social Security.

It will also house a rehabilitation center under the DIF, which supports families in crisis.

During a meeting held in the Hall of Portraits at the Government Palace, Vila Dosal and the federal official also worked on a series of projects to strengthen Yucatán’s hospital infrastructure and supply of medical equipment.

Work on the project halted when the state government argued with contractors over costs and repeatedly missed deadlines.

The builder fought back and appealed to the International Chamber of Commerce, based in Paris. The European body ruled in favor of the company and ordered the Yucatecan government to pay it 746 million pesos for terminating its contract.

The Yucatecan government rejected the ruling and asked that the case be resolved in local courts. Local media reported that the case later went to arbitration. A final settlement amount has not been announced.

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