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After ‘Roma,’ Netflix presents ‘Yucatan’

Despite the name, don't be fooled into thinking the movie is about the Peninsula in Mexico

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The Spanish comedy ‘Yucatan’ comes to Netflix in February.

With Netflix on an Oscar high from the success of its film “Roma,” the digital entertainment platform announces the premiere of the film “Yucatan” for next Feb. 15.

But movie fans shouldn’t get their hopes up; this is an entirely different animal.

“Yucatan” is colorful, farcical and tongue-in-cheek, and not actually about Yucatan, despite the name. The Peninsula is just one of many passing locations that play a role in the plot.

The broad Spanish comedy stars Luis Tosar (Lucas) and Rodrigo de la Serna (Clayderman), who play two professional swindlers among a boatload of luxury cruise tourists. Their quest to steal another passenger’s lottery winnings lead them through Barcelona, ​​Tenerife, Casablanca, Brazil, Cancun and Yucatan.

The filmmakers didn’t call the movie “Barcelona,” “Tenerife,” or certainly not “Casablanca.” “Brazil” is already a film by Terry Gilliam. Maybe that’s why they called it “Yucatan,” despite the region’s tenuous hold on the film.

The movie was released in Europe last August. Reviews were mixed, with El Periodico calling it in “an adventure comedy in the most classic sense, with the peculiarity that you never know what will happen next.”

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