After unexpectedly draining away, Chakanbakán lagoon refills itself

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The Chakanbacan lagoon drained itself, but is now recovering. Photo: Twitter

Othón P. Blanco, Q. Roo – The Chakanbakán lagoon all but disappeared after draining into six sinkholes that appeared underneath it. Now, with the help of some rain, the lagoon is recovering.

Locals reported that on Aug. 19, there was a loud roar and the body of water began to empty. Three days later, a large part of the lagoon had dried up, draining into the Laguna Om cave system below.

At least one of  the sinkholes measured 20 feet deep and 30 feet in diameter.

Fish, turtles and eels perished, leaving behind the stench of their remains. Crocodiles were found to have escaped danger.

Onlookers are now watching water levels rise again as we enter September, Yucatán’s rainiest month.

“The lagoon is on its way to full recovery; that is very good news for plant and animal species. Early estimates indicated that the process could last between three and six months, but the lagoon is improving every day,” he told Sipse.

Visitors will be kept away from the area while officials keep an eye on several cracks that have appeared on roads leading to the lagoon.

The draining is a natural phenomenon caused mainly by the karst soil that predominates in the Yucatán peninsula.

The lagoon, part of a crocodile refuge project, is about 90 kilometers to the east of Chetumal.

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