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Alex Krantzberg retrospective inspired by the Angel of Death

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An exhibit from Cancun artist Alex Krantzberg opens at Mérida’s Mundo Maya museum. Photo: La Jornada Maya

Mérida, Yucatán – An artist’s retrospective at the Gran Museo del Mundo Maya is a lively look at death.

La Muerte Sigue Siendo Vida, roughly translated as Death is Still Life, opened to the public Thursday and remains on view until Aug. 22.

Alex Krantzberg, who is from Mexico City and now lives in Cancun, has exhibited 26 acrylics on wood and metal, and two larger installations. This is his second show in Mérida.

Death is the theme of Alex Krantzberg’s exhibit: La Jornada Maya

As the title suggests, death is a recurring theme in the show.

Krantzberg explained that there are three recurring themes in his creative process: on the one hand, the soul and the body that invites him to create; then “the ego” procrastinates creating art.

“But there is a third in discord, the Angel of Death who says, ‘How much time do you have?’ And he forces me to do it, ” he said.

One installation was inspired by the death of a worker hit by a young man who drove while using his cell phone.

Germán Rodríguez Jiménez, state director of Cultural Development, commented that “the colors and texture” of Krantzberg’s work “transport” the viewer.

Source: La Jornada Maya

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