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Sunday, July 3, 2022

Amanda forms and clashes with a tropical wave in Yucatan

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Tropical storm Amanda skirts Yucatan on its way to the Gulf of Mexico on Tuesday. Photo: KHOU

Tropical storm Amanda has caused torrential downpours today, not only in Yucatan but also from Chiapas to Quintana Roo, reported Conagua, the national weather service.

What was at first a tropical depression in the Eastern Pacific was upgraded to named tropical storm early today.

Amanda made landfall 50 kilometers south-southeast of Guatemala and 200 kilometers east of the mouth of the Suchiate River, Mexico’s border with that country.

A low-pressure channel over the Peninsula, together with the entry of humidity from storm Amanda, has favored the probability of very strong to intense storms in the center, south and northwest of Yucatan.

Temperatures will be hot to very hot during the day and warm at night, with a prevailing east-southeast wind shifting north-northwest from 15 to 25 kph and gusts of 45 kph off the Yucatan and Campeche coasts.

In storm areas, lightning, gusts greater than 50 kph and waterspouts may occur, said Conagua.

The system is expected to dissipate before it moves into the Gulf of Mexico on Tuesday.

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