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Archdiocese envisions outreach to English-speaking tourists

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The archdiocese is welcoming new worshipers with brochures and mass in English. Photo: Getty/Lonely Planet

Mérida, Yucatán — Masses in English and brochures written in the same language are part of the Archdiocese of Yucatán’s strategies to attract tourists.

The archdiocese has a wealth of beautiful churches, monuments, altarpieces and tradition to promote religious tourism, said Fr. Jorge Martinez Ruz.

Aside from being tourist attractions, many places in Yucatán have deeper meaning to the faithful: the Izamal Convent; and in the center of Mérida, the Cathedral and the Church of the Third Order, the chapel Divino Maestro, churches at Santa Ana, Santa Lucia, Candelaria, Consolación, San Juan and Santiago. All these points offer a cultural and religious heritage for the visitor, he said.

No English masses have yet been scheduled, but they have become a goal.

“It is understandable that we need priests and responsible people to attend to and promote it … in the tourist world,” said Martínez Ruiz, in Spanish.

The Church of Yucatán has a Tourism Pastoral that seeks to engage with visitors, so it is aimed at public service providers and entrepreneurs in this area, as well as the foreigner himself.

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