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Architecture firm’s bold new headquarters offsets greenery with pink

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Mérida architecture firm TACO has designed the Portico Palmeto studio to act as its headquarters, with pink walls, local materials, and tall shutters that open up the interior to its tropical setting. Photo: Dezeen

Mérida architecture firm TACO has as its headquarters the Portico Palmeto studio. Its pink walls, local materials, and tall shutters got the attention of London architecture journal Dezeen, which published a story about it today.

Photo: Dezeen

The two-story structure has a hollow center filled with lush foliage, similar to its surroundings.

Taller de Arquitectura Contextual, or TACO, led the entire project for itself – encompassing architecture, construction, landscaping and interior design.

“The objective was to develop a way of living in a natural and social environment, and at the same time of being a functional, versatile and inspiring building for the activities that would be developed in it,” said TACO.

The architects wanted to stray from the notion of conventional workplaces and create a more homely atmosphere within the building.

The structure is located near the plant nursery Vivero Cholul.

Read more, see the entire photo gallery, at Dezeen.

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