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Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Baby in Yucatan is day’s youngest coronavirus fatality

2nd consecutive day with fewer than 30 deaths

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Every bus is scheduled to be disinfected daily while Yucatan fights the coronavirus. Photo: Courtesy

Two tiny victims were among the 25 people who died from coronavirus Thursday in Yucatán. A Chancom girl barely a year old and a Celestún girl, under 5, both perished. Both were otherwise healthy, said state health officials.

It was the second day in a row that total fatalities fell under 30, a threshold broken regularly late July 22.

In addition, another 227 new coronavirus cases were discovered in the past 24 hours, said the SSY. That brings to 13,352 the number of infections found in Yucatan since March. Deaths reached 1,769.

Of the new cases, 111 were in Merida, 40 in Valladolid, 16 in Tizimín, seven in Kanasín, Teabo and Ticul; six in Tekax; five in Progreso; four in Motul; three in Chemax and Tinum; two in Muna, San Felipe and Tzucacab; and one case in Akil, Chapab, Dzan, Homún, Hunucmá, Maní, Mocochá, Oxkutzcab, Tekit, Tetz, Umán and Yaxkabá.

Fatalities included 14 men and 11 women ranging in age from 1 to 87. Some of the deceased suffered from hypertension, diabetes, obesity, COPD, asthma and heart disease or had a history of smoking.

Twelve of those who perished were from Mérida, two from Abalá, Motul and Valladolid, and one each from Acanceh, Celestún, Chankom, Chocholá, Dzidzantún, Muna and Umán.

Current patients are nearly split down the middle between the 502 in stable condition and able to remain at home and the other 500 requiring hospitalization, two more than the previous 24 hours.

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