Video: BAI Medical Student Volunteers at work and on the scene

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Mérida, Yucatán — So what exactly do Fundacion BAI’s Medical Student Volunteers do? This video brings the answer into focus.

At the BAI Center, medical student volunteers take over 10 in-depth sessions to be effective health educators and expert exponents of the best healthy practices.

BAI’s Peer-to-Peer Education program is highly regarded and, as recent research shows, highly effective at teaching the next generation to take care of themselves. The modules include Anatomy, HIV, Negotiating Healthy Relationships and Contraception, all vital in decreasing Yucatán’s high rate of unwanted teen pregnancies.

Students are also trained by BAI to carry out their rapid and confidential HIV tests, together with expert pre and post counseling.

Anyone detected as HIV positive is streamed into the BAI Care program for support and linkage to professional care, together with psychotherapy and nutritional advice.

All of BAI’s services are totally free and only possible thanks to our sponsors and donors. Visit for more information and to help.

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