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Bee attack shuts down cemetery on Mother’s Day

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Cementerio General. Photo: Pinterest

Mérida, Yucatán — At least 15 people were attacked by bees in the General Cemetery and Panteón Florido cemetery when they came to visit graves for Mother’s Day. One had to be taken to hospital because of anaphylactic shock.

The increase in flower vendors around the properties, timed for the holiday, was attributed in local media to the agitated bees.

Firefighters, ambulances and police were mobilized along with personnel from the State Civil Protection unit as both cemeteries and some nearby businesses were closed for several hours. They have re-opened today.

The events happened around 10 in the morning, when people who visited the tombs in the east area of ​​the General Cemetery were attacked by a swarm of bees vaults.

Already enraged, the swarm reportedly headed east and attacked flower vendors.

SSP paramedics applied first aid to more than 15 people. The worst attack resulted in 40 stings, requiring a hospital visit.

The swarm was destroyed by city personnel. 

The city also spent the day cracking down on unlicensed flower vendors. Social media recorded public outrage while over 40 curbside vendors were halted and their stock was confiscated. 

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