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Bella Hadid amuses fans during Tulum fashion shoot

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Model Bella Hadid’s said her two-day photoshoot in Mexico was hardly “work.” Photo: Instagram

Model Bella Hadid’s visit to the beaches of Tulum was a work assignment.

Or rather, make that a “work” assignment.

“Thank you to the most perfect team of people for the absolute most perfect two days of “work,” the Los Angeles-born model wrote. “Mexico has always had my heart and been my favorite place since childhood…I was so lucky to be able to come back. … you made my soul singggg this week.”

With 18.4 million Instagram followers, Hadid is a social media influencer, and her praise of Mexico is priceless publicity.

In another post, she is practically naked and hides under a giant straw hat that one U.K. tabloid said took up the entire beach. That was a slight exaggeration.

in my leisure suite

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But the photo tells the story. It got over 1.4 million likes.

“Is this a big hat or a small hut, I literally can’t tell,” one social media user asked. Another said: “This reminded me of Scary Movie 3 when the sheriff’s hat kept getting bigger and bigger in every scene.”

“Yes, it’s good to protect your skin in the sun. This, however, is ridiculous,” mocked the Mirror tabloid.

The photo shoot was for a future issue of Vogue magazine.

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