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Blogging vs. Academic Essay Writing — What’s the Difference?

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Modern-day writing is significantly improved, especially with the introduction of diversification that aims to deliver quality writing to a wider range of audiences. Thus, blog writing is gaining popularity, especially as social media takes over life. 

On the other hand, there is essay writing, aimed at delivering academic content and discussing events or personal experiences, but for the professors and scholars to go through. 

Even though both sections write similar things, there are certain that separates the two section. Hence, in today’s discussion, I will point out the difference between the two sections to help students in which way to write. 

Let’s compare them in the next section – 

Difference Between Essay Writing And Blogging 

Even today, the writing mediums are continuously blurring, especially with the addition of several tools and shifts in the writing process and pattern. Yet, some differences separate Academic and non-academic writing. 

Therefore, here are a few differences between blogging and essay writing: 

What Is It (Blogging And Essay Writing)

Before we get into all the details about blogging and essay writing, it is important to know what they are all about and their relevance to us. Hence, essay writing embodies a block of long texts meant to convert information on a particular subject.

They are generally a gateway to enter the academic world and create one’s own persona among other academics. Further, you must be accurate and precise and add information orderly. 

Conversely, blogging is the portal to enter the internet, make your presence online and take your writing to the general masses to entertain themselves. They are generally written in an informal tone, addressing the current trends occurring in the world. 

Further, in their writing, you will see the incorporation of humor, sarcasm and pictures to enhance the visibility of the long texts and make them more readable for audiences to explore and enjoy.  

And if you want to know how to write blogging and essay writing, then you can visit the website of Fresh Essays, where you will find all the relevant information on the topic. 


One of the key things that separates academic writing and blogging is their purpose of creation and existence in the human world.

Essay writing is created to check the writing ability of students, where they have to explain a detail in-depth to showcase its importance. Further, it is aimed at academic purposes, where you need to write, get grades on the subject and progress in the educational field.  

Further, it is structured, allowing readers (professors, scholars and teachers) to go through the writing and read the relevant information. 

On the other hand, there is blogging, whose purpose is to entertain readers with information and facts. There are no specific rules or guidance for structuring a blog post. Further, you can talk about anything in a blog, write informally and even use one or second person to showcase a personal touch in the center. 

It is mostly found on the internet, and it is open to all. You can read the post and then comment on it. 


Another thing that separates the two segments is the audience for whom they cater the writing. For essay writing, the professors and teachers look to analyze the topic, which is confirmed by the presence of a thesis statement. 

The thesis statement directs the readers throughout the essay. Further, the facts included in the report are thoroughly checked to make the paper professional and per the university regulations and guidelines. 

It is different for a blog, as most readers go through the writing just for entertainment. Generally, it is written for general people who casually enter the text and read about new information and facts on the relevant topic. 

In a blog, there is no pressure for fact-checking. Therefore, you can add any information you like, but it will only be considered reliable due to its consistency.   


Plagiarism is a sin, defined as copying someone’s content without actually giving them the credit. Hence, in the academic world, it is a big thing as students are expected to write original content, and if they do take information from someone, they must give them the due credit.

Further, punishment and impeachment are the common outcome. Once someone gets caught with plagiarism, they must face one consequence. 

On the other hand, in blogging, adding any information you like is fine without obtaining the approval of someone or citations in the text. This is because authenticity is the least concern while writing about a subject. 

Hence, blogging is a casual form of writing that aims to entertain audiences.

Style Of Writing 

Writing style and tone are essential when you consider writing on a subject. So, when it comes to essay writing, you have to formally address the issue from the perspective of a third person rather than adding a personal touch. 

Further, it would help if you used critical thinking while discussing an event or cause. Following that, in most cases, you have to maintain a neutral point, and even if you take a moment, you should back it up with facts and statistics. 

Lastly, it is restricted to students and research scholars to write an essay on any following matter. Thus, it is only possible for someone enrolled in schools, colleges and universities to write an essay.    

On the other hand, blogging is written in a very informal way of presenting the information. Here, the tone and written style hardly matter. You can use the first person and your understanding to discuss the event. 

Further, you don’t have to add relevant information from authentic sources, thus giving an advantage to everyone who thinks of penning down their thoughts and feelings. 

There Is a World Of Differences 

In the end, there is a huge difference between blogging and essay writing. Even though both have too long texts on different topics, the difference lies in —

  • Making an online presence vs making an academic presence 
  • Informal vs formal tone of writing 
  • The general audience can read vs only educated people can read.  
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