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Breadmakers from around the world coming to Mérida

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Mérida loves its bread. Photo: Hotel Casa San Angel

Mérida, Yucatan — Although known for rice and maize, Mexico has a long tradition of innovating breads, adapting techniques from around the world.

So it’s fitting that guests from four continents will convene in Mérida for the 77th Congreso Mundial del Pan in October.

The prestigious World Bread Congress will bring together leaders of trade associations, bakers, suppliers and entrepreneurs. This is only the second time the group has met in Mexico, after 2004’s conference in Acapulco.

The conference is in conjunction with Yucatán’s state government and the International Bakery and Pastry Union.

The Oct 2-7 event aims to jointly address new challenges posed by the market and globalization. It will also be an opportunity for networking and reflection on a long-range vision.

More than 200 attendees are expected to represent 50 countries, including Sweden, Germany, Spain, Ireland, Switzerland, France, Taiwan, Italy and Argentina.

The host, the National Chamber of the Bakery Industry is based in Mexico City, founded in 1945.

In Mexico, most baked goods by far are obtained from panaderias or street vendors. What’s offered today is the result of centuries of the blending of European influences.

Hundreds of varieties of breads were developed in Mexico since wheat was introduced by the Spanish during the Conquest.

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