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Canaco: Noise problems put tourist industry at risk

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Noisy nightclubs are bad for other businesses, says a Chamber of Commerce executive. Photo: Facebook

Mérida, Yucatán — Nightclub noise isn’t just a residential issue, it’s bad for tourism, said the president of the local branch of the Chamber of Commerce.

Entering the debate over excessively loud music in the Centro, Michel Salum Francis called for a prompt solution to the dilemma “for the good of the city.”

He pointed to San Miguel de Allende as an example of a city where officials have somehow balanced the needs of a vibrant downtown where people can celebrate, and also sleep at a reasonable hour.

San Miguel “has a beautiful Historic Center where multimillion-dollar investments — foreign and local —  have installed restaurants, bars, magnificent hotels, charming boutique hotels that coexist in harmony … Why not here? You have to learn from others, you have to see how they are doing. ”

He credits both sides for giving life to the Centro when it appeared to be fading away.

“There are businessmen who came to invest everything they have in, say, a boutique hotel, a guest house … And together with the neighbors they have done a great job,” said Salum Francis. “The Centro Historico, which for years was abandoned and sad, today looks radiant, full of activity. It has so much life, that this type of problem is being presented.”

Sleepless guests staying at nearby hotels or guesthouses will poison the tourist industry when they go online and warn potential customers, he said.

“A tourist staying in a hotel where it is impossible to rest because of the scandal could leave a bad comment on some of the websites that provide reviews of travel-related content, such as TripAdvisor,” said Salum Francis. “And that stain, which is not removed with anything, can even lead to the closure of a business.”

Mérida’s reputation as a peaceful place should be preserved, he said. “We cannot let this keep happening.”

And the most important thing is that everyone, without exception, respect the rules, repeat. “It is not worthwhile that in the name of investment and employment the volume be uploaded to music and no one be left to sleep. And unless it overlaps those who leave these places and make their needs on sidewalks and doors of the houses of neighbors. This has become a chaos that must be ordered. We have to solve this problem now!”

Source: Diario de Yucatán

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