Charming video: Travel blogger’s family at Cuzamá Cenote

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This fun-loving family visited the Cuzamá Cenotes, about one hour outside Mérida. They traveled on a train track in a cart pulled by a horse to Chelentún, Chacsinicché and Bolonchoojol, the cenotes of Cuzamá.

“My kids loved the blue water in these isolated caves- we had them almost completely to ourselves!” said educator/blogger Becky Mladic Morales, who runs the Kid World Citizen website.

The video, posted today on YouTube, is impossible to watch without smiling.

The site is packed with educational resources taken from Morales’ own classroom and at home with her children to increase global and cultural awareness.

Morales and her family live in Houston, and are in the process of buying a house in Mérida. Her husband, Antonio, is from Mexico City, and our bicultural daughters Vivi and Maya, are now 9 and 6. Their son Toñito, 9, is from China, and Ricky, 6 is from Ethiopia.

“While our intention was simply to expand our family, we have been forever enriched by our multicultural backgrounds and experiences,” Morales wrote on her website. “Our family enjoys both the trips to home countries as well as the celebrations and incorporation of traditions here at home.”

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