Christmas ornaments start to appear on city streets

A big job for city workers: install 2,000 ornaments across Merida

Photo: Desde el Balcón
Photo: Desde el Balcón

Merida, Yucatan — Some 2,000 Christmas decorations have started to appear on city streets, and city workers have their work cut out for them.

The decorating scheme is pretty much the same as last year; no new ornaments or six-meter-tall fake fir trees were purchased.

Four Christmas trees are assembled every year, including one at the Remate de Paseo Montejo. They are surrounded by faux snowmen, Santa Claus figures, sleds and nativity scenes are in some parks. Lighted, more abstract holiday-themed fixtures hang on utility poles.

The city traditionally begins to unpack Christmas frills the last week of November.

The city is also trimming the Municipal Palace, the Olimpo Cultural Center, Parque de La Mejorada, Calle 60 between 47 and 57, Calle 47 between 60, Paseo de Montejo, Calle 59, between 72 and 56, Rodeo de la Dondé, Parque de las Américas and Avenida Colón.

Also parques La Ermita, de la Madre, Santa Lucía, Col. Alemán y Tabentha de Altabrisa; the Glorieta at Col. México and the overpass at Col. Gonzalo Guerrero.

After official lighting ceremonies on Dec. 1, Christmas decorations are expected to remain six weeks, and be removed two or three days after the celebration of the Día de Reyes.

Sources: Desde el Balcón, Sipse

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