Circuito Sur frees 100,000 isolated residents from long commutes

A city delegation rides the entire Circuito Sur, an event that was broadcast live on Facebook. Photo: Ayuntamiento

Mérida, Yucatán — After decades of being separated from the north, a large section of the city can now access Circuito Sur.

The South Circuit project — complete with bike lanes, sidewalks and median strips — relieves 100,000 fairly isolated residents in more than 20 neighborhoods previously cut off by the airport wall.

The Circuit is an axis that connects colonias such as San José Tecoh Sur, Emiliano Zapata Sur and San Antonio Xluch with El Roble Agrícola and Avenida Aviación.

On Facebook Live, Mayor María Fritz Sierra and a City Hall delegation inaugurated the pristine, new roads, which were begun in 2017 under Mayor Mauricio Vila, who later stepped aside to run for the governor’s office.

It cuts down on the time and expense of a long commute north to school or work. A 90-minute commute by bike now takes 25 minutes, said Fritz Sierra.

It will also be good for property values, she said.

The Circuito Sur links isolated neighborhoods with the rest of Mérida. Graphic: Ayuntamiento

This project, she continued, incorporates sustainable urban mobility criteria into the design. That means it was built for not just autos, but also pedestrians, bicycles and public transportation.

With information from Punto Medio

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