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Thursday, June 30, 2022

City brings new taxis to Progreso, offering free rides to disabled and elderly

Some new drivers jump the gun, riling established taxi union

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A new fleet of “Eco-Taxis” has come to Progreso. Photo: Facebook

Progreso, Yucatan — Thirty new blue “Eco-Taxis” have begun service in the port city, bringing more competition to both existing cab drivers and to Uber.

People with disabilities and to senior who qualify will ride for free, said Progreso’s Director of Transportation Felipe Pech González.

Although the the Institute of Mobility and Territorial Urban Development has not yet approved the Eco-Taxis’ permits, some units are already operating with private-car plates to meet demand that came with the new school year.

Pech told Progreso Hoy that the drivers are operating illegally, and have been asked to wait for the proper plates and documentation.

The taxis also operate from outside the local taxi union umbrella. Eco-Taxi drivers had been driver assistants in the CTM union, which operates under a state concession.

The head of CTM complained, saying that the city has no right to grant concessions to a new taxi fleet.

The new cabs also compete with Uber, which has been increasing its presence in the port city.

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