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City closes off streets so neighbors can celebrate

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There is still time to ask the city to block off your street for a neighborhood party. Photo: Facebook

Mérida, Yucatán — For Christmas and the New Year, sometimes a house party isn’t enough. Only a street party will do.

The city will do its part to make that happen for anyone who gets a permit.

Residents around the city hosted Christmas Eve street parties, and many others are planning to do the same for New Year’s Eve. The city has so far granted about 300 permits for street closures for both, as well as Virgin of Guadalupe activities earlier.

That’s about the same number of permits issued last year.

Now, the deadline approaches for New Year’s Eve street-party applications, which are due Wednesday, Dec. 27. The form is at city’s website.

Applicants must provide street and cross street information and the hours of the celebration, but there are potential road blocks to the process after that.

If the street to be closed is part of a bus route, the organizer must first get the approval of the transportation company.

And the party requires signatures from all the residents of the street. If even one neighbor objects, he or she has veto power over the entire plan.

Sources: Sipse, La Verdad

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