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Coronavirus surge unabated, but Yucatán stays at ‘yellow’ light

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Yucatán health officials announce coronavirus statistics at the Thursday briefing. Photo: Facebook

Coronavirus hospitalizations have jumped by 39 patients in the last two days as new daily infection numbers rose to match last summer’s surge.

Yucatán health officials announced 193 daily new cases, nearly four times what they were in mid-May. Six new patients were listed as from another state or country.

Public hospitals were caring for 206 patients. Private hospital data was not disclosed. Another 1,070 patients are in stable condition and staying at home, which is 468 more than a week ago.

But Yucatán will remain under yellow alert, which carries the second-least restrictive rules on travel and crowd capacity. The decision comes despite rising hospital occupancy and positivity rates.

Eight fatalities were also reported, including a 23-year-old.

New cases also included 142 in Mérida, 15 in Kanasín, seven in Ticul, six in Oxkutzcab, four in Umán, three in Conkal, two in Acanceh and Izamal, and one in Abalá, Halayó, Mama, Maxcanú, Temax and Tixkokob.

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