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Countries of the Mayan world to make up a multi-destination tourist region

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The first stage of a tourism project to connect Mexico’s southeast with Guatemala and Honduras launches Dec. 1. Plans are also in the work to add El Salvador and Belize to the route as part of the Mundo Maya.

Mexico’s Secretary of Tourism, Miguel Torruco announced the plan of connecting these five countries which make up the “Mayan Route.”

Archeological zone in Chiapas, México. Photo: Courtesy

“There had always been talks of the Mayan route as an attractive touristic opportunity between countries, but we were missing connectivity. Today we are starting with air connectivity and kicking off a new era of possibilities for tourism between countries,” said Miguel Torruco.

The flights will be offered by the company Aeromar, a Mexican airline founded in 1987.

Chichen Itzá is one of the main tourist attractions in the southeast of the country. Many international routes have opened up to fulfill the demand for trips to Cancún and Mérida. Photo: Courtesy

The Mundo Maya made up of Mexico, Belize, Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador, is described as a multi-destination project, and an opportunity for Mesoamerican cultures to meet.

Some of the main attractions of the Mayan World are their archeological sites and natural reserves, some of the areas of the world with the greatest biodiversity. 

Mayan City in El Salvador. Photo: Courtesy

Miguel Torruco said that after the pandemic, tourists are looking for green spaces in the open air in intimate contact with nature, which is why this area is ideal.

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In 2019, approximately 50 million international tourists arrived in the five countries that make up the Mayan World, which represented 3.4% of the world’s total and an economic spill of US28 billion, almost 2% of worldwide spending.

Belize’s “Gran agujero azul” is one of its main natural attractions. Photo: Courtesy

Regarding Mexico’s visitors, most tourists from the Mayan World come from Guatemala: in 2019, 160 thousand Guatemalan visitors arrived by air, leaving a turnover of 160 million dollars. Guatemala is also the Central American nation most visited by Mexicans. In 2019, 38,000 Honduran tourists visited Mexico by air with a tourist expenditure of 37 million dollars.

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