COVID cases are a far cry from last week’s record surge

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COVID-19 cases in Yucatán plummeted by 49% compared with last week, official records indicate. Home quarantines are half what they were a week ago, the health department says.

Since Sunday, 3,283 people in Yucatán were found to be infected with the coronavirus. That’s a high number, but nearly half the previous week when Yucatán saw a record-breaking surge and daily cases sometimes topped 1,000.

Hospitalizations have also fallen, for four consecutive days, with 117 coronavirus-related admissions reported in public facilities.

But Yucatán’s health ministry also delivered somber news. Daily new cases are still high. Another 391 cases were reported Saturday while 11 patients died, including a 27-year-old man.

Those plummeting quarantine cases still account for 2,938 patients with mild symptoms.

Since the pandemic reached Yucatán, 105,221 known infections have been counted. The true number is known to be many times higher, but unknowable. The survival rate averages at 90%, doctors say. That means 6,758 people in Yucatán, with a population of just over 2 million, have perished from the virus since April 2020.

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