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Cozumel bike race charts challenging course

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Photo: GFNY
Photo: GFNY

A 100-mile-long international bike race is in the final hours of signing up competitors for its Gran Fondo in Cozumel, a perfect setting for bicyclists who appreciate 20 miles of coastline roads, views of turquoise ocean, and the challenge of the island’s tropical winds.

The ride, on Nov 23, is partnered with the GFNY in this island paradise, which has historically attracted ambitious athletes from all over the world.

There will be six nutrition stations spread out along the course with solid food and fluids as well as at the finish. All roads will be closed to traffic.

An alternate route, just 50 miles, is also arranged. “The Medio route offers the same breathtaking views as the Gran, but instead of two laps the route is shortened to one lap around the island,” organizers say, with the proviso: “Don’t be fooled this is still a challenging ride for many, especially with the strong winds and competitive group of riders.”

The shorter option is a non-competitive ride. All participants receive a timing chip and are timed from start until the finish. The participants are provided their total time, listed in alphabetical order.

Register online at Eventbrite.

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