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Cross-cultural perspectives at Amaro art show

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Darío Fernández’s “Mascaron de Konhunlinch” (2019) is an oil on canvas, 60 x 70 cm, offered at 5,700 pesos.

Art that represents both Mérida and the rest of Latin America and the Caribbean is focus of “The Eclectic Caimito,” which opens today at El Foro Cultural Amaro.

In the exhibition, coordinated by El Caimito Gallery, eight artists will participate. Most of them have dual citizenship, and will present their concepts through the lens of their pan-American viewpoint, said gallery coordinator Holkán García.

The show, consisting of 16 works, includes photography, engravings, oils and acrylics.

One of the paintings is “Mascaron de Konhunlich” (“The Mask of Kohunlich”) by the Mexican-Chilean painter Darío Fernández. The artist says he was inspired by ancient artwork he saw in Chiapas.

“I started painting Mayan carvings incorporating very colorful elements of Mexican culture,” says the artist, who has been based in Merida for eight years.

The other artists in the group show are: Yaoling Lee (Taiwan-Belize), Marisela Salas (Mexico-Switzerland); Grace Wilkins and Dominic Greco (Mexico-United States); Raúl Moarquech Ferrera Balanquet (Cuba-Mexico-United States), and José Luis Rumbo and Miguel Cetina (Mexico).

“We have always made an effort to present the works in our gallery, where we already have a captive audience, and in other places, so that other members of the public can get to know them,” said Holkán García, explaining why the show was mounted at Amaro, which serves chiefly as a restaurant.

García has noticed Merida’s exploding art scene.

“Four years ago, when we started this project, there was a smaller market, a bit difficult, but over time it has developed very well. Yucatecans at this moment are at a point where they are enjoying other, more varied expressions of art,” said García.

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Source: Diario de Yucatan

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